Application Form

Request for AIQEF Funding of Education and Training Initiative

Applicant (Orgainisation/Person):
Contact Details:
Your Position:
Postal Address:
Description of Project or Activity:
Project could be the development of training resources for a training program. In this case, provide details of the scope and nature of the resources and for whom they are intended.
Outcomes and Benefits:
Outline the educational or training benefits (or learning outcomes) that the participants will gain from the training resources or attendance at the activity.
Budget Details & Sources of Income:
Provide details of the overall budget for the project or activity including sources of income (other sponsorship, attendance fees etc) and expenditure (accommodation, travel, facility and audiovisual hire, developer fees, administrative costs etc).
Additional Supporting Information:
Provide any other information that you believe would help in the decision to grant the funding. If funding is of a capital nature, provide details of ownership of product & estimate of return. If funding is to cover operating costs, provide details of the business case (reason for doing).
Date(s) & Amount (s) Required:
Provide clear details of the funding sought from the Foundation, and whether payment will be staged or in a single payment. (Evidence of expenditure will be required at the time of claiming the funding.)
  I have read the Guidelines for Applicants