Processing of an Application

Processing of an Application for an AIQEF Grant

The following is an outline of the steps involved in the processing of an application for an AIQEF Grant:

  1. Application is forwarded to AIQEF Secretary

  2. AIQEF Secretary reviews the application to ascertain its compliance with requirements

  3. If any clarification of aspects of the application are required the AIQEF Secretary will contact the applicant

  4. Once all issues have been clarified the AIQEF Secretary will forward the application to the AIQEF Council members for consideration

  5. AIQEF Council consider and advise the AIQEF Secretary of their decision on the grant application

  6. AIQEF Secretary advises the applicant of the outcome of the request for a grant

  7. Applicant invoices the AIQEF for funds, with supporting documentation

Click here to complete the application form, if you are having trouble with the form click here to access additional details of the required fields.