Guidelines for Applicants

The Australian Institute of Quarrying Education Foundation (AIQEF) was established in 1982 to raise and manage funds to provide grants for quarrying and related industries training and education.  Since 1982 it has provided training and education grants in excess of $2.8 million.  Grants that have provided the people in our industry with the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills and capability; enabling them to safely, effectively and efficiently carry out their tasks.

These grants have included funding or assisting in the funding of the:

  • Development of Training Resources to support the provision of professional development of employees in the industry.
  • Delivery of Training Programs to provide for the professional development of employees in the industry.
  • Engagement of Speakers for seminars, conferences and technical meetings.
  • Awards to recognise excellence in vocational training in the quarrying and related industries.

This website includes instruction on preparing and submitting applications for AIQEF grants.  The purpose of this page of the website is to provide guidance on the types of educational expenses that can be included for payment by an AIQEF grant.

Training Resource Development

The types of training resources that could be considered for AIQEF grants may include:

  • Training reference material
  • Self-paced learning material
  • Videos
  • Training program audio-visual presentation material
  • Assessment tools

The training material developed using an AIQEF grant would be the property of the AIQEF unless ceded to the applicant.  Joint ownership may apply where development costs are shared.

Training Program Delivery

There are two circumstances where it may be appropriate for an AIQEF training program delivery grant.  These are:

  • for the conduct of a pilot course to trial training developed using AIQEF grants; or
  •  to subsidise the conduct of a training workshop in a remote location where attendance fees may not cover the delivery cost of the workshop.

In the case of a pilot course the grant could cover the following expenses:

  • The presenter fee, travel, accommodation and meal costs
  • Venue and audio-visual equipment hire

It would be expected that, where possible, speaker travel, venue and audio-visual equipment hire will be minimised and that the attendees at pilot courses would be charged for the cost of their meals and refreshments.

In the case of a training workshops to be conducted in remote locations a grant could be made to cover the difference between the income and cost of the conduct of the workshop.  The purpose of these grants would be to make training workshops available to those in a remote locations.  The participants in these workshops would, however, be expected to pay the same registration fee as those attending workshops in metropolitan areas, where the fees should be set to cover the cost, and based on a reasonable minimum attendance. 


Seminars often involve a combination of education (or training) activities and social activities as they may be intended to provide both education and networking opportunities.  AIQEF grants will only be made for the education (or training) aspects of these seminars.  AIQEF grants in support of educational seminars may be made for the following purposes:

  • The educational presenter fees, travel, accommodation and meal costs.
  • Venue and audio-visual equipment hire.
  • Gifts for the educational speakers (often the speakers will not charge for their time). .
  • Publishing of training materials to be provided to the seminar training session participants.

It is expected that participants at educational sessions of seminars will be charged registration fees to cover their meals and refreshments. 

All costs of any transport, meals, refreshments and entertainment associated with the social component of the seminar would be paid for by the participants and sponsorship by other than the AIQEF.

Industry Dinners and Technical Meetings

From time to time, industry dinners and technical meetings will include paid speakers on matters with an educational purpose.  In these circumstances AIQEF grants may be made to cover the educational presenter’s fee, travel, accommodation and meal costs.

It is expected that attendees at these functions will be charged a registration fee that will cover the venue and audio-visual equipment hire and their meals and refreshments.

Educational Scholarships

The AIQEF has in the past granted scholarships to enable students to obtain qualifications in extractive industry management.  These scholarships have covered travel, accommodation and meals costs for individuals from remote locations to attend training sessions.